Higher Technical Institutes, Campania second in Italy

Lombardy is first in Italy with 20 foundations and Campania is second with 16 and first in the south

There are 9 ITSs in Campania: 2 relating to energy efficiency (in Avellino Ermete and in Benevento Its Energy-lab); 2 others to the area of sustainable mobility (Caserta Its Sustainable Mobility); one operates in the area of innovative technologies for cultural assets and activities and tourism (in Naples), 4 to New technologies for Made in Italy – Fashion System and Mechanics System (with sites in Avellino and Naples).

The southern regions in particular are pressing the government hard to release the funds and make the new institutes operational. This is also because there is a strong need for higher technical training, which they believe can reduce the mismatch between labour supply and demand, especially in the south of Italy.

“We should create one hundred new Its in the south,” said the President of the Campania Region, Vincenzo De Luca, declaring at the Assembly of Caserta industrialists a recipe for the recovery of the social and economic gaps between the macro-areas of the country – an operation to be carried out in a short time.

One of the first to be set up in Campania, in 2018, is Mame, an acronym for Manifattura meccanica. The foundation that runs it involves the Federico II University (Department of Industrial Engineering), five Campania technical institutes, the Municipality of Pomigliano d’Arco, Stoà as a training body and, six companies including Leonardo, Abete, Adler, Dema, Novotech and Laer Aviation group.
Since 2018, the Its Mame, chaired by Luca Scudieri of Adler, has graduated 93 young people and records an 80 per cent placement thanks to the placement of students both in the Foundation’s member companies and in others. Sixty per cent of the courses are taught by teachers from the business world and the world of professions and consultancy. They last 1,800 hours and are spread over a two-year period.

The first bell always rings in September. The starting date, by the way, as of this year, by indication of the Campania Region’s training department, will be set for all the Its courses at the beginning of October. This is a way of starting to give a common identity to the entire Its system in Campania.