Competitive Costs

Campania offers some of the most competitive operating costs in Western Europe

The average cost of labour in Italy is 13% lower than that of Western Europe and is significantly lower compared to its neighbours and main partners: Benelux, France, Nordics, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland.

Furthermore, the cost of labor in Campania is on average 14% lower than the Italian average cost.

The cost of labour in Italy is even lower compared to Western Europe in manufacturing, with a differential of 18%, and in information & communication technologies, with a differential of 19%.

Sites, whether land and buildings for industrial or logistics projects or offices for service activities, also have competitive costs compared to other regions of Italy.

Active labour policies in the Campania Region offer important and interesting competitive advantages as a result of a combination of national legislative interventions and specific regional interventions.

The measures to favour job placement are addressed, as a rule and with some specific exceptions, to enterprises belonging to all economic sectors.

They take the form of two macro categories of benefits, the lowering of contribution rates that the employer is required to pay or the provision of an economic contribution/tax credit.

These benefits vary, depending on the specific measure:

  • from an appreciable reduction in the contribution rate (INPS, in some cases also INAIL), reduced to less than 10% of the remuneration, considering both the employer’s and the employee’s part (the ordinary contribution rate is normally 33% of the gross remuneration or compensation, of which 23.81% is borne by the employer and 9.19% is borne by the employee);
  • a contribution/tax credit that starts at €300 per month and goes up to €7,000 per year;

Benefits can last from 5 months up to 60 months.

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