Campania is Italy’s 3rd largest region for the transport and logistics industry. Great intangible cultural heritage for researchers and developed skills.

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In Campania, there are 456 companies operating in the automotive sector; most regional companies operate in the field of manufacturing of rubber and plastic components (4%); manufacturing of hydraulic components fluid dynamics systems, hydrostatic transmission, electrical and electronic equipment (56%); manufacturing of motor vehicles and their engines (42%).

Campania has important corporate research centres, such as Stellantis. More than 5 million vehicles have come out of the Pomigliano d’Arco plant to reach, today, one of the most advanced production realities in the automotive sector.

In addition, there is a great intangible cultural heritage for researchers and developed skills: in the field of Transport Systems Engineering, Campania is the region with the highest national academic qualification and a scientific production that is quantitatively and qualitatively higher than the national average.


The Strategic Development Plan of the
Technological Platform for sustainable and
safe mobility “Borgo 4.0” represents
coordination between research and
development actions for technological
innovation, the experimentation of new
models and new technologies for mobility.
It involves 54 companies, the 5 Campanian
universities with public research centers
and the Cnr.

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