Campania is a surprise on digital: first in the South for NRRP ratings

Broadband coverage, online services for citizens and businesses, IT specialists The indicator is the 'thermometer' used by the European Commission to measure the territory's capacity for growth

Broadband coverage, online services for citizens and businesses, IT specialists. Tthe ‘digital economy and society index’ mesaures how ‘digital’ an area is. And it is like a thermometer of the growth capacity of an area. It is used by the European Commission, since digital, together with the environment, is the main lever of the NRP, the post-pandemic economic plan. There is a gap between North and South, also on digital.
In a range between 0 and 100, Italy stands at 49.6 and the south is below the national average. But it turns out that Campania is the best prepared from Garigliano on down. It is written in the Court of Auditors’ report on the state of implementation of the NRP, published on 28 March: ‘Among the southern regions, a higher degree of digitalisation – and a consequent lower distance from the national figure – is found for Campania ( 47.1)’. A surprise performance. Which represents a potential for development. On information and communication technology specialists, we are at 2.7 per cent against 3.1 nationally. And we hold high the banner of the South, counting more experts than Sardinia, Sicily, Apulia and Calabria. On open data, the ‘percentage of data available in an open format’, with 69 per cent we are quite far from the national figure (81.5): but we are in the lead compared to all the other regions of southern Italy.

Source: La Repubblica