Agreement between Unicredit and Zes Campania for regional development

Objective: identifying projects that offer growth opportunities

Objective: identifying projects that offer growth opportunities

An agreement between UniCredit and the Government’s Extraordinary Commissioner for the Campania SEZ was signed in Naples, with the aim of assessing the identification of initiatives and projects that can offer growth opportunities for businesses and the region.

ZES Campania is one of the eight areas in southern Italy that will receive specific tax concessions and bureaucratic simplifications, to be implemented around port areas that have the characteristics of ports of strategic importance, aimed at fostering the economic development of southern Italy.

Under the agreement, UniCredit undertakes to act as a financial partner for companies wishing to invest in Campania’s Special Economic Zone (SEZ), by offering credit and financial instruments and allocating a dedicated ceiling, and to convey, thanks to its capillary network throughout Italy and in the foreign countries where it is present, the opportunities underlying the initiative to client companies, including through the organisation of special meetings to present the measure with selected entrepreneurs.

The Campania ZES will provide UniCredit with a set of information on the initiative and access to data and information relating to enterprises, partners and stakeholders, the characteristics of the territories falling within the ZES, the business initiatives already established and the infrastructure investment projects in progress or planned to be made available to the SEZ.

The Campania ZES includes, for a total extension of about 5,154.22 hectares, 15 industrial agglomerations, 7 industrial and logistic areas and 37 municipalities of the Region in correspondence with the main ports of Campania (3 ports, 2 interports and 2 airports), as well as some inland areas that, although not close to the port areas, are economically and functionally connected to them.