110 million for business investments

Until 12 September 2023, large, small and medium-sized enterprises established in Campania can apply for a non-repayable grant (between 40% and 60%) for investment programmes

With Executive Decree no. 556 of 06/07/2023, published in the Burc no. 51 of 06/07/2023, the limit for large, small and medium-sized enterprises, established in Campania, to apply for a non-repayable contribution (between 40% and 60%) for investment programmes between a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 34 million, has been extended until 29 September 2023, thanks to the call for proposals “Aid to enterprises aimed at supporting and attracting investments to strengthen the Campania Region’s productive structure”.
There are three possible investment: productive investments; research and development projects; and training plans to upgrade workers’ skills. In fact, it was the regional councillor for Productive Activities, Antonio Marchiello, together with the directors of the department, who presented the terms of the call in detail, during a meeting with the companies of the Nola Business Park, held at the Nola Interporto conference centre. Companies can apply for one or more of the following types of investment: productive investments research and development projects; training plans for the qualification of workers’ skills.
Facilities are available to large enterprises and SMEs that have been established for at least two years from the date of submission of the application, including jointly through network contracts, consortia with external activities, and temporary business associations. Claudio Ricci, managing director of CIS Interporto, and Felice Russillo, a business consultant specialised in the subject, also spoke. The councillor reiterated that the new measure is part of a broader programme for attracting investment to the region and follows on from numerous interventions already carried out by the Region. According to councillor Antonio Marchiello, ‘We imagine that this notice will have a positive outcome in the production and economic sphere. In addition to this notice, we have made numerous contributions in recent years, from technology transfer and energy efficiency to the basket bond game. We have moved to support entrepreneurship in Campania. We are now starting with 110 million euro, but if we have – as I imagine – a largely positive response, I guarantee that the Region will do its part. In the meantime, we are moving to make our territory attractive and the ZES are certainly proving to be a fundamental factor in moving in this direction’.